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Our Staff

The Window on America (WOA) Center was established in the Foreign Literature Division of the Kirovohrad Regional Universal Research Library in 2001. From the very beginning it has been led by Oksana Serheyeva. A small group of librarians – Olena  Yarmolyuk , Alla Pisareva and Iryna Nessen – work in a team to run the WOA center and the Foreign Literature Division. All of the librarians have a specialized philological education; the languages spoken in the department include English, German and a little French.

They like their work and try to do their best to make the activities of the WOA Center interesting for library users.  While they all have the same goal, their functions differ. Yarmolyuk Olena’s main responsibility is maintaining the electronic book catalogue, which requires a lot of knowledge and meticulousness. Pisareva Alla takes care of WOA users. She knows the WOA media collection very well and is always ready to help provide advice to everyone who comes to the Center. Nessen Iryna  is in charge of the English clubs work and also works with the electronic catalogue.

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