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Our Volunteers

Karin Jones

Karin N. Jones

Karin Jones is a Community Development Volunteer for Peace Corps Ukraine. Karin works with the library and other community organizations to strengthen the organizations and the community by conducting projects, trainings/seminars, and other programs.

Karin has a Juris Doctor and Masters in Business Administration (JD/MBA) from Seattle University, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (BA) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her experience includes work in Communications, Training, Risk Management and Compliance, Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, and Project Management. Karin’s experience includes work at the American companies Thomson Reuters, Boeing, and Wells Fargo, and at the Dutch company Wolters Kluwer. Karin speaks English, French, Danish, and some Ukrainian and Russian.

In addition to the library, she works at the Kirovograd National Technical University one day each week, and the Kirovograd Machine Building College one day each week, conducting English clubs and programs, as well as helping them with their project needs, and working in their International Relations Department.

At the library, Karin will be creating a blog for the Window on America center, creating a series of “country studies” virtual classes that will be put on the blog and the library’s web site, and conducting programs and projects. She can be usually be found in the Window on America center, and is always eager to practice her Russian in exchange for helping people practice their English skills. She is also looking forward to hearing your ideas for projects and programs in Kirovograd with which she can be of assistance.

Phil Roffman

Philip G.  Roffman, Ph.D

Phil is an American educator who is a Teacher Trainer Volunteer for Peace Corps Ukraine. He has a Ph.D. from Loyola University of Chicago in Leadership and Organizational  Studies, an advanced degree from Boston College, and a Master’s degree in English from Illinois State University.

Phil’s work experience includes acting as both an English teacher and high school principal in  the state of Illinois for over 30 years. Phil has a son and a daughter who live and work/study in the United States.

Phil teaches English at the Window on America Center every Monday at 17:00 and hosts a music/movie club on Wednesdays from 17:00-18:30. In addition to the library, Phil works at the Teacher Trainer Institute in the Department of Foreign Languages in Kirovohrad.  He teaches classes in grammar, classroom management, reading, writing, and civic responsibility to Ukrainian teachers seeking recertification.

Rob Pollard

Rob Pollard is a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language Volunteer for Peace Corps at Kirovohrdaskyy Kolegium in Kirovohrad. He grew up in southern California and graduated from the University of California – Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Development Studies. Rob focused on development issues in South and Southeast Asia and Latin America and studied abroad in India and Mexico while earning his university degree.

He enjoys traveling, meeting new people, staying active and keeping on his toes.

He is very happy to be living in Ukraine and teaching English to very enthusiastic and open-minded students both at school and at the Kirovohrad Library.

Rob facilitates an English language club in the Window on America room on Thursday nights at 17:00.

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