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About WOA

The mission of each Window on America Center is to promote mutual understanding between the United States and Ukraine. The centers are designed to provide up-to-date information on the United States and to augment the English-language collections of host libraries. They accomplish this by:

  • providing information about U.S. history, government, society, and values to Ukrainian audiences;
  • providing access to Internet resources; and
  • serving as focal points for U.S. assistance and exchange programs.

Each Window on America Center hosts a variety of events designed to bring Americans and Ukrainians closer together. Regular talks by American speakers, Embassy staff, Fulbright scholars, Peace Corps Volunteers, and other Americans enable U.S. and Ukrainian citizens to interact in a positive and meaningful way.

Window on America Centers also provide a venue for the U.S. Embassy’s outreach activities, offering a distribution point for the Department of State’s Office of International Information Programs (IIP) publications, a meeting place for USG-program alumni, and a host for photo exhibits, visiting speakers, film series, and other events that promote a better understanding of the U.S.

The Kirovohrad Window on America Center is lucky to have a number of Peace Corps Volunteers that participate in our activities, conducting conversational English clubs, film clubs, and other programs at the library. For more information on these, see the “Events” tab.

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  1. Maggie Hankamp permalink
    16/12/2010 07:06

    Window on america address does not work failed delivery

    I am interested in information how to have my Rayon library become a Windows on America site.

    PC Volunteer here in Bar, Ukraine.

    Thank you!

    • 16/12/2010 07:43

      Maggie – Thank you for letting us know of the failed link – was it the actual link to the Embassy site that did not work, or was it the e-mail they provided? The person at the Embassy who oversees this project is Valentina Pashkova. She is also the head of the Ukrainian Library Association.

      • Maggie Hankamp permalink
        16/12/2010 08:47

        Thanks very mcuh for such a fast response.

        I tried the e mail twice, but got “Failed Delivery.”

        Then, I also tried the web site, but that may be this computer here. Othere sites, such as Darien Book Aid walso will not leoad into survey monkey. So, my computer is not a good one to ask for web sign ons?

        Thank you,

        Maggie Hankamp

  2. 16/12/2010 09:26

    Hello Maggie!

    I have tested the link to the Embassy page with no problems. If you are also having difficulty with Darien Book Aid, perhaps it is your computer connection?

    I do not know that we provided the e-mail address with which you are having difficulty?

    Thanks again!

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